Body Brush

Body Brush
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Pevonia body brushes - Dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system which increases drainage of toxins thus helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.     

  • Wood selected from either pear or beech
  • natural bristles
  • Always body brush up towards the heart.
  • Body Brush before your shower so as to wash off any toxins brought to the skins surface.
  • Start on the legs and work your way up the body.
  • On the abdomen brush down from the navel to the pubic line and up from the navel to the bust.
  • Brush over the bikini line to stimulate the lymph nodes.
  • Brush up the legs in long sweeping movements.
  • Use Pevonia’s Dry Body Oil Moisturizer as an after-wax lotion to calm redness and spottiness.
  • Body Brush legs and bikini line to exfoliate and prevent ingrown hairs.
  • Use Pevonia’s Spot Treatment on infected ingrown hairs.
  • Use Pevonia’s Preserve Body Moisturizer on legs to prevent ingrown hairs.
  • activates blood circulation
  • increases lymphatic drainage
  • reduces water retention
  • removes impurities and dead skin cells
  • calms redness and spottiness
  • prevents ingrown hairs
  • exfoliates