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The name Pevonia stems from Greek mythology. Legend has it that the gods’ physician, Paion, discovered peonia – exquisite flowers filled with a magical essence. Once extracted, its purity and power could miraculously cure a number of ills. And so the legend grew.

Pevonia has earned a celebrated reputation as the world’s leading face, body and spa care line, available only through highly trained, qualified professionals including The Beauty House in Jersey, Channel Islands.
Pevonia Botanica botanical spa range is the only complete professional product line available on the market today, combining the finest ingredients including marine extracts such as caviar and seaweed, essential and vegetal oils from basil to ylang-ylang.


All Pevonia Botanica products are based on stringent research and contain no artificial colour, fragrance, mineral oil, lanolin, alcohol or P.A.B.A. The products do not involve any animal testing and use recyclable packaging. This is most definitely a brand which is manufactured to deliver outstanding visible results together with an unforgettable spa experience.

Celebrity fans of Pevonia Botanica include Angelina Jolie, Cate Blanchett, Matthew McConaughey, Cameron Diaz, Rachel Weisz, Eva Mendes and Hugh Jackman.


Pevonia provides effective natural skincare solutions for women, men, teens, and preteens of every skin type and ethnicity. Nature's purest holistic botanical and marine elements synergise with high-tech manufacturing to deliver remarkable visible results. 


Pevonia spas are distinguished from any other as incomparable sanctuaries of physical and sensual enrichment, offering enhanced experiences that dynamically treat both inside and out. Pevonia provides spas with progressive knowledge and advanced techniques that effectively reveal the visible results of the repairing and rejuvenating actives found within their award-winning skin care ranges.

The Complete Spa Service offered by Pevonia is a fully customisable and flexible network that provides enterprise development solutions for the spa, medi-spa and salon industry under one trusted global brand. Catering to every possible business need, Pevonia offers tailored guidance every step of the way. The Beauty House is pleased to a part of this network, offering Pevonia treatments to help treat a range of skins.

Unwavering support for individual spa development and care makes Pevonia the natural choice for lasting professional success.



Pevonia - Ingredients To Avoid









·     Petroleum by-product

·     (Petrolatum or Paraffinum Liquidum)




·    An emollient

·    Gives ‘slip and slide’

·    Adheres to skin surface




·     Leaves a greasy after feel

·     Sits on skin’s surface

·     May be comedogenic

·     No real skin benefit




·     Vegetable oils

·     Rich in essential fatty acids




·     Derived from sheep wool, or synthetic




·    A wax

·    Used for emollient properties

·    Lip Balms



·     Causes allergies

·     Comedogenic

·     May contain carcinogens




·     Silk amino acids

·     Squalane oil

·     Vegetable oils which act as lubricants




·     Derived from fatty alcohol




·    An ester

·    Gives ‘slip and slide’

·    Gives separability to creams and lotions

·    Mouthwashes

·    Eye Make-up Removers




·     Highly Comedogenic

·     Penetrates hair follicle

·     Causes blackheads and milia




·     Pevonia doesn’t use it





·     Para-amino benzoic acid

·     Derived from vitamin B




·    A sun-screening agent

·    Anaesthetic properties on the skin




·     Causes allergic eczema in sensitive skin

·     Prickly Heat



·     Natural physical filters

·     Titanium Dioxide




·     Specially denatured ethyl alcohol




·    Astringent

·    Antiseptic

·    Solubilizes fats




·     Drying and irritating

·     Dehydrates moisture and sebum from skin




·     Naturally astringent botanical extracts

·     Oil absorbing clays




·     Parfum

·     When the word              ‘fragrance’ is listed it can refer to as many as 15 different fragrances.




·    Disguising odours

·    ‘Signaturing’ products




·     Causes allergies

·     Photosensitizing



·     Naturally fragrant ingredients

·     Herbal extracts

·     Essential oils




·     Derived from coal tar

·     Cosmetic red dyes



·    Colours product

·    Used to indicate ‘skin type’ groupings



·     Comedogenic

·     Not to be used near the eye area


·     Natural colour of ingredients determine the colour




·     Chemical esters




·    Spreadability

·    Thickening agent

·    Emollient

·    Shaving Creams



·     Penetrating oil

·     Clogs pores

·     Causes blackheads

·     Respiratory irritant




·     Safflower Oil




·     Chemical and plant derived






·    Bleaching and Depigmenting agent



·     Carcinogen type III (animals)

·     Toxic

·     Banned in Europe



·     Arbutin-Lightening Gel

·     Derived from Japanese mushroom




·     Derived from animal or vegetable oils




·    Increases ease of ‘spreadability

·    Often used in sun care preparations




·     Skin irritations

·     Possible carcinogen on contact with the sun




·     Pevonia doesn’t use it



·     Colourless gas in alcohol




·    Preservative *Banned in Sweden and Japan

·    Used in nail care preparations





·     Irritates skin and mucous membranes

·     Possible carcinogen



·     Uses food grade preservatives

·     Vitamin E as an antioxidant

·     Propolis




·     SLS




·     A detergent used to create foam i.e. bubble baths, toothpaste



·      Dehydrates the skin due to degreasing ability.

·      Irritates the skin, may cause Eczema




·      Saponaria (Soapwort) & Sodium Olefin Sulphate (derived from oat)




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This video demonstrates Pevonia's Tropicale line.

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