Age Correction Intensifier - DNA & Diacetyl Boldline

DNA Intensifier
Manufacturer part number: 1726-11
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  Featuring cutting-edge brightening technology, this extraordinary Intensifier works to visibly refine pores and brighten the complexion. By precisely blending a concentrated amount of Deoxyribonucleic Acid (d.n.a) polypeptides to help refine, smooth skin texture and tighten dilated pores with encapsulated Diacetyl Boldine in microspheres, this potent treatment is quickly and easily absorbed. This aqueous, light-textured bio-micro gel delivers powerful actives deep within the skin for immediate results including: a brighter more luminous-looking skin, increased hydration, a smoother surface, and tighter, more refined pores. Recommended for dull, dehydrated skin with dilated pores and an uneven texture. Part of the Ligne Power Repair.

Products specifications
Ingredients d.n.a (marine)
Ingredients Diacetyl Boldine
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