Age Correction Intensifier - Elastin & Sorghum

Elastin Intensifier
Manufacturer part number: 1725-11
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  A powerful combination of key actives blended to visibly firm and rejuvenate the skin. This Intensifier is formulated with a high concentration of Sorghum, a cereal plant extract whose juice is rich in Vitamins B2 and C with a high concentration of Polysaccharides called Polyols. The Polyols have the ability to interact with the corneocytes’ keratin forming a uniform non-occlusive, flexible adhesive film that induces a tightening effect on the skin. By combining Sorghum with a high concentration of Elastin Polypeptides, this powerful Intensifier effectively helps prevent premature slackening of the skin, while providing the necessary elements needed for a firmer, more youthful appearance. This aqueous, light-textured bio-micro gel deeply hydrates and tightens the skin. Recommended for all skin types with lack of luster and loss of elasticity. Part of the Ligne Power Repair.

Products specifications
Ingredients Marine Elastin Polypeptides
Ingredients Sorghum
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