Rejuvenating Dry Skin Cream

Dry Cream
Manufacturer part number: 1012-11
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This exquisite triphase cream was developed by incorporating one of the latest discovered natural ingredients: Pear Seed Extract. Since its recent discovery, scientific studies and evaluations have proven this extract rich in every vital component necessary for skin preservation. It also serves to alleviate and retard the signs of ageing.

Naturally rich combined with Royal Jelly and B vitamins, it nourishes and increases skin resilience, as well as general vitality.

This unctuous cream contains Pear Seed Extract rich in phytoserols and anti-aging Ursolic Acid. By blending in Royal Jelly rich in B complex, vitamins, and monosaccharides, this cream delivers the most extraordinary revitalizing results.

Part of the Ligne Sevactive.


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