Stem Cells Intensive Body Corrector

Stem Body Corrector
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This powerful at-home product smooths the dreaded 'orange peel look on the skin with two of the most potent and effective plant cell sources - The Moroccan Argan Tree and the Swiss Comfrey Root. The Body Corrector visibly repairs ageing skin, reduces cellulite and delivers cumulative anti-ageing results directly to the dermis and epidermis layers simultaneously. 

Combined with the powerful natural ingredients of Avacado Seed Extract, Coffee Seed Oil, Pea Extract, Rapeseed and Shea Butter; Pevoinia's Stem Cells Phyto-Elite Intensive Body Corrector delivers deep hydration and quickly targets body skin concerns including ageing, cellulite and discolourations while dramatically improving elasticity. 

The result is a radiant glow with smoother, firmer skin all over.

To use apply all over the body and massage well on areas of concern. 



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